2012年1月 株式会社ナリング・クリエイティブ
代表取締役 山本康弘


On designing a church, its architect recalled, "Grasping the underlying
Christian message was the primary difficulty for me as a non-Christian."
Outwardly, the exterior of the completed church appears utterly unconventional,
yet it is a marvelous architectural work retaining a simple elegance and 
offering its visitors a uniquely taut atmosphere and sacred Christian spirit.

Naring Creative shares that same spirit of extending the mindset from one focused solely on the outward appearance to one that fully incorporates the customer's concepts into the design as a priority in its work.

In order to do so, we handle all the creative elements ourselves despite the relative compactness of our system. In our presentations, we create a few CG images and VR movies which are visually easy to understand. Our proposals can be projected onto a large screen as the situation demands, and we strive to convey appropriate and specific visual communications.

 Whenever Naring Creative is involved up to the construction stage, a separation ordering system is adopted per business category. There are a number of reasons for this - quite apart from its enhanced cost-effectiveness - since exchanging information with individual professionals affords us much greater power at the design stage and produces better results through the direct and reliable relationships that result; and various processes, such as ordering standard building materials by ourselves and supplying them to the builders, are vitally important when creating a structure of the highest quality.

 As we consider data storage upon completion of construction as critical, all project-related source materials, including printed documentation, are digitized and stored with a timeline categorization, from which they can be accessed from all PCs within the company. Accordingly, inquiries regarding any matters can be handled immediately, even if last dealt with several years beforehand. They are also utilized as an important database to effect construction of the highest quality.

 By adopting this approach, Naring Creative has established a system capable of supporting design projects from the minutiae to the entirety, including all aspects from process to cost and quality controls